Chriszelda Pinto

Chriszelda Pinto, founder of Lion Heart Ministries, is a passionate woman and minister. She is based in Cape Town, but her heart is for the nations of this world. She loves people and God deeply and wants to see God`s Kingdom expanded on earth.

She is passionate about woman of all backgrounds and she wants to see that they come to know their identity in Christ. She has a heart for abused and oppressed woman and children in our country. She wants to make a difference, and one of her dreams and vision is to establish a Safe House where they can find safety, comfort and rest. Lion Heart Ministries will offer skills training, development programmes and counselling to assist these woman and children in their need.

Chriszelda is the, eldest daughter of four siblings, born in Cape Town. Since her birth and growing up as a child, she always felt a special calling upon her life. She had a special encounter with God at the age of 17 years when she died and came back to life. God instructed her specifically that He will send her back to earth to tell people her testimony about healing, salvation and restoration.

Since her encounter, she has never been the same, and is walking in her destiny and calling for her life. Her spiritual gifting is of deliverance and healing, and she wants to encourage people to walk in the power and authority of Jesus Christ.


Lion Heart Ministries exists to:

  • Create a space of safety and upliftment for vulnerable woman and children
  • Help women and children who have been the victims of rape, abuse and neglect.
  • Assist struggling families or single moms with food and clothing via a food bank
  • Transform society by defining specific needs of a community and assist that community in achieving their God –given goals
  • See woman come into total freedom as lids, limitations and glass ceilings are removed.